Design, develop and launch faster with custom, responsive and modular Bootstrap 5 UI kit

UI Kit

Key Features

Packed with an endless number of UI components and plugins. It has exceptional design and is optimized for every modern web application.

Bootstrap 5

Built with Latest version of Bootstrap framework and vanilla JavaScript for everything including all plugins.


Fully responsive layouts with modular custom components, sections, pages and more to jumpstart your project.


Packed with pre-designed, modern sections. Drop them or put together into your own custom layouts.


Prebuilt beautifully designed pages for effortless customization and various examples to choose from.

Clean Code

Super clean and organized code. Make changes instantly in your favorite editor with clutter free code.

Save Time

Custom components and sections with seamless, hassle free workflow using modern tools and technologies.

Getting Started

Streamlined Workflow

Get started with streamlined project workflow for easier use and customization or with compiled version.

> npm install Everything installed
> gulp Opens localhost:3000

Components, plugins and build tools are thoroughly documented with examples

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More Features

Great solution for every projects

Launch faster with a modern, functional and flexible UI Kit


Fabric UI kit offers modern design, variety of customized components, pre built sections, layouts and pages to jumpstart your project.

Modern Toolkit

Built with most popular front-end framework and latest tools. Source files are included with download package. Do more with modern toolset.

Easy to Customize

Save time and build products with well-organized and customizable variant components. Customize quickly, easily, and on the fly.

Project Structure

Everything is organized, streamlined and categorized allowing you to manage your project easily. Include only what you need.


Thorough documentation and examples for core and new custom components in one place.

Production Ready

Optimized for a smaller build size, quick compilation and fast performance.

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